Sunday, 21 February 2010


HI guys......
LONG TIME!!!!!!!again!!!!!!!!
I am so lazy!!!!!!!Yes, i am and i know it.
A month of winter vacation.....and it is soon..... I need one more month....No, i really don't need one more month. I am glad that i am going back to work tomorrow. I really miss working. I had a great(and lazy) month but time is up.
What did i do during this last month?????NOTHING!!!!isn't that great?????? Yes, i slept, ate, slept, ate, and slept and ate. I don't dare want to know how fat i am now.....but i am ready to go after my students and make sure that they learn some good English... Children...Here i come........ BE PREPARED!!!!!!!!!!!
Tks for all of you.i received lots of messages and e-mails from you guys......Yes, i will make sure that Daniel eats less chocolates ( and i will make sure that his mother stops eating it too@@@@@@)
Yes, we are saying goodbye to our lady hostess and we are welcoming our new host.....Don't know what is going to happen yet but changes will happen for sure.Changes are good and it is how people learn and get better...... So let's learn together......

I hope you all have a great time back to work (and school).....




Sunday, 3 January 2010


Hi Everyone

Last Thursday 12/30 Daniel was at the WTO show. He was so shy and cute. We had lots of fun during the process. Daniel was very excited and telling everyone he knows about it.
First we had our pictures taken from a professional photographer. Daniel was quick. But i must say the "CAKE" helped a lot. Frank, the person responsible for this episode did a great job and chose the right theme for us. It was just perfect.
A week after the pictures we actually taped the show at the GTV studio. Daniel did well, i think. He was kind of shy on cameras but very active behind it. He was kind of driving everybody crazy, talking on the microphone and touching everything. It was a great experience for him, so i must say thanks to the GTV staff and especially to my GTV "son" Frank. Daniel will remember this forever.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009


OH MY GOD!!!!!! So many things to do.... There is never time to finish everything. Sometimes i wonder......Do people have the same problem?????? I am not sure. Sometimes i think that i am the problem. I try to do too many things at the same time. But i think that is the way it should be. Life is too short. I've been having a very busy week as always. I managed to finish my Christmas proposal, my Christmas ppt and everything seems to be right on schedule( work related).
Last Sunday the weather was so nice that we( husband and kids) managed to go bike riding. Nice and relaxed Sunday afternoon.. FAMILY QUALITY TIME!!!!That is what i live for. Today is Tuesday already... It is almost 7 o'clock and we are going out for dinner. My lovely husband seems to think that i need a break from the kitchen(THANK GOD FOR THAT!!!) Love you honey!!!!

Wednesday, 18 November 2009


I know that is only November,but for me is like Holiday Season...... Thanks Giving is coming (even thou we don't celebrate thanks giving in the UK). but Christmas is right around the corner

and after that is Chinese New Year......Which is now my favorite holiday of the year, only because

as a teacher a have a month off to rest.....Cool!!!!! It is a much needed holiday even thou my kids are also home (meaning lots of noise). Or maybe i am stressed......This is a very busy week for me. I am responsible for all the preparation of Christmas events in my Elementary School, what is a lot of paper work, meetings, paper work, meetings............non stop . But tomorrow is my wedding anniversary(17 years) so i should put the stress behind me and prepare myself.......!!!!!@@@?????? if you know what i mean......bye,bye.

Sunday, 15 November 2009


It's lunch time.....

Today is Sunday and because we were out all day yesterday we don't want to go out now.

I am in a very good mood so i decided to cook...... people say that my food tastes good so......

I just finished cooking lasanha . Lasanha is an Italian dish that takes a long time to cook, so everytime i will make many and keep in the freezer so everytime that i feel like eating it i only need to bake it or microwave it and it's done.

The ingredients of the lasanha are, pasta, ground meat (with my special hand made tomato sauce) cheese, and cream. IT IS REALLY DELICIOUS.......My friends always tell me Sandra, can you bake one for for me, please, please, please......... I guess i should thank my grandmother for that because that is her recipe........THANKS GRANDMA.

HOW ABOUT YOU?????want to try????????



ps: For lunch it was italian for dinner a will make a paella...My husband is a lucky man.....